Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Opening the Bava Book

Ted Haycraft of Evansville, Indiana sent us this uncanny sequence of photos, which illustrate his dramatic experience of opening the Bava book. Having received his copy at work, Ted peeled away the outer wrapping while seated in his cubicle at NBC affiliate WFIE-TV. He stripped away the final layer of bubble-wrap, revealing the last barrier between him and the book he had awaited so long... the box containing it!

Gingerly opening the box, Ted felt his anticipation surge once again as he found the contents of the box covered once again by bubble-wrap. He removed the outer wrapping from the tome inside -- in mint condition! -- and the smell of printer's ink reached out like beckoning arms, drawing him inside! He took a deep breath, drawing the ink into his lungs...

AH! All the colors of the Bava book took root and blossomed in his senses, suffusing not only Ted's entire being but the fabric of reality itself! It was incredible! It was like seeing THE WIZARD OF OZ for the first time! The Bava book existed! The world had changed!

Another satisfied customer.
Thanks, Ted!


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