Monday, December 31, 2007

Some More Pictures to Close Out the Year

"No praise of mine could do satisfactory justice to the Bava book and the staggering amount of work and love and generosity that so obviously, from the very first page, went into it," writes Didier Gertsch. "I’ve been reading pretty much everything you’ve published for the last fifteen or sixteen years and, though I’m unfortunately no critic and find it difficult to put it into words, the presence and familiarity of your writings to accompany films that I already knew and loved and their welcome guidance for others of which I only became aware through the magazine, has made my cinematic hunger a much less solitary endeavour. For this, I thank you and for the “colorfulness” of it all, I thank and congratulate Donna. The Bava Book made an unexpected appearance, along with our daughter Eleni and our cats Zhora and Lou, on our Christmas card as a heartfelt homage to one of the two major cultural landmarks of 2007. I hope you don’t mind, it just seemed somewhat appropriate."

Not at all! We're honored!

David R. Williams of Red Scream Films LLC writes: "I finally finished the book - took about six weeks reading a few hours each evening - a fantastic piece of work that has prompted me to start viewing all those Bava pics I've long planned on watching but kept moved down the list, bumped by other films by other directors. Between your book and the re-release of Bava's films untainted by AIP and others, the fact that he was a master of the macabre shines through. Congrats on the success of the book and best wishes on all future endeavors!"

In the "No Photo, But Worth Sharing" department, we also received a wonderful letter from CINEFEX publisher Don Shay, which reads in part: "If, as you note in your acknowledgements, Tim, [CFQ editor] Fred Clarke was responsible for instilling the concept of 'definitive research' in you, then, wherever he is today, he must be incredibly pleased with your astonishing accomplishment. And I’m sure Mario Bava would be no less pleased. No other filmmaker in history has been given such a loving and exhaustive study of his work — certainly not in one volume. A major tip of the hat to you, also, Donna. The book is beautifully designed and produced, and the poster restorations (per the example on your website) are astonishing. My compliments to you both."
We also heard from BLOOD AND BLACK LACE star Mary Dawne Arden, who responded to her gift copy: "I recently received your magnificent book; truly a work of LOVE and Artistic Excellence on both your parts! I love it! Thank you for my gift and I am truly honored by the [introductory spread] position you have placed me in the chapter on B&BL. It is a beautiful and wonderful result after all your years of hard work. You and Donna should be very proud."


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