Monday, September 24, 2007

A Letter from Lamberto Bava

Lamberto Bava with the Bava book and family. Surrounding him L to R: his son Fabrizio (aka "Roy"), daughter Georgia, son Alessandro, and Georgia's daughter Martina Brusco
-- an aspiring actress!

Dear Tim,

It's real, it exists.
I didn't have the courage to touch it.
Only by opening it and looking here and there it was evening, all day had passed and I haven't noticed it.
Great, unique.
Thank you, from Mario, from me, from all our family.
I need time to examine it carefully and live again all I have already lived as a child.
Thank you, you gave Mario immortality.
A masterpiece full of love.
My first impression just to let you know how grateful I am, I need time to try and comprehend the importance of what you have done.

Lamberto Bava

It doesn't get any better than this. To receive a letter and photo like this makes all our work worthwhile. - Tim Lucas

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