Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Photos of a Happy Bunch

The diabolic David J. Schow -- reknowned for his VW articles on THE WILD WILD WEST and THE OUTER LIMITS -- gloats over his favorite spread in the Bava book. His copy of the new issue of VW (#134 with its Edgar Wallace krimi cover, seen to the right) arrived the same day! Cool office, Dave!

Michael Lang of Sarasota, Florida, poses in his secret sanctum with the Bava book. Even his pooch Roxy looks impressed! Another room furnished with impeccable taste!

This is so wonderful -- it's a souvenir shot from the first Bava book summit meeting -- in Vienna, home of BARON BLOOD! Torsten Dewi of Munich (center) writes: "Enclosed is a picture of Markus Risser from Nuremberg (the grizzly guy, webmaster of, Harald Dolezal from Vienna (the bespectacled one, collector extraordinaire), and that's me in the striped shirt (geek personality from We are standing in Harald's amazing archive in Vienna, proudly holding your book! (It's Harald's copy, mine is on its way over the Atlantic at the moment.)"

These are all great photos, but this last one from Adam Williams made me laugh out loud:

"Just wanted to thank you for the truly awe-inspiring book," Adam writes. " From the attached photo, you can see that I have taken the phone off the hook so that I am not disturbed from my Bava-induced bliss."
So wonderful, so inspired. And the perfect way to read the book, too, don't you agree?
Keep the photos coming, Bava book readers!


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