Sunday, December 09, 2007

La Maschera del Juan Valdez

"MARIO BAVA ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK is easily the most impressive and fascinating book I've ever owned," writes William D'Annucci. "I've chosen to read the chapters in order, but there's such a treasure trove of images and information spread throughout that I keep skipping ahead for another taste! All these childhood memories of those big heavy Octopus horror movie coffee table books are flooding back... and having a book proportionally big enough to make me look like a kid again sure helps! But these late sleepless nights with the Bava Book have not been without their perils...

"While reading late the other night, I cut my finger on the edge of one of those glossy pages and bled into the book. Just a drop or two of blood, that's all. And the next thing I know, my coffee has been giving me some mean looks!

"This shot wasn't the result of some Photoshop cut 'n paste job, but rather me holding your heavy book with my free hand and carefully angling it above the surface of the water in the coffee mug for an in-camera effect. Do you think the Maestro would approve?"
I'm certain that the Maestro would, Bill. We certainly do!


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