Friday, September 21, 2007

From Roma to New Haven and Back Again

The Bava book has arrived in Roma and here to prove it are Daniela Catelli and her daughter Rebecca. Daniela was one of my most valued research associates on the Bava book, responsible for much of the translation work needed in its latter stages. She also conducted an interview with composer Carlo Rustichelli on my behalf, during which the Maestro gave her a private solo piano performance of "The Winsor Concerto" from THE WHIP AND THE BODY! Furthermore, she's Italy's leading authority on the films of William Friedkin, having written books about his entire career and about THE EXORCIST in particular. This is the first photo I've seen of a contributor to the book holding the book, and this special fact -- along with Becky's sunny smile -- makes me very happy.

Here is MAELSTRÖM Magazine editor Esteban Medaglia -- formerly of Buenos Aires, Argentina, now a resident of Hollywood, Florida -- displaying his copy of the book. I've known Esteban for years as a fellow contributor to the Latarnia Fantastique International forum boards. If metal music is among your interests, check out his Descent into the Maelstrom blog here.

Gordon Terry poses on the sunny lawn of his home in Chesterfield, Virginia, with the Bava book and some of his other favorite Bava treasures. Hurry and take that stuff back inside, Gordon, before someone thinks it's the coolest yard sale ever!

Now here's a place I could get lost in for awhile...
Nick Aretakis of New Haven, Connecticut, writes: "I collect film books - mostly on directors (the ones I like, not everybody), film history, film criticism, and film genres. I've got a lot of film books, and have seen many more. In my opinion, your book is the most thorough, informed, comprehensive and opulent study of a single director that I've ever seen. The only books that come close are THE STANLEY KUBRICK ARCHIVES book published by Taschen, Tag Gallagher's book on John Ford, and FRITZ LANG: HIS LIFE AND WORK by Schnauber, Jacobsen, and Aurich. I think it surpasses all three of these due to the depth and authoritativeness of the text, and the beautiful design. It is a stunning achievement, and you are to be heartily congratulated." Thank you, Nick!

We've also heard from director Luigi Cozzi: "All my compliments to Tim Lucas, I love the giant Bava book!" (He is also ordering copies for the PROFONDO ROSSO store he manages in Rome.)

And though I haven't as yet heard anything from Lamberto Bava, my friend (and Bava book research associate) Lorenzo Codelli has an explanation: "I am in San Sebastian and yesterday I got Lamberto by phone: he's speechless about your book!"


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