Sunday, September 23, 2007

Black & White Sunday

A Sunday treat: John McElwee, esteemed custodian of the Greenbriar Picture Shows blog, sent us this wonderful photo along with this (excerpted) message:

"I can't tell you how overwhelmed I am with what you've accomplished. I can only add my hosannas to the scores of others who've no doubt heaped praise on this mighty achievement. Needless to say, having completed such a project entitles you to lay down the pen and rest on your laurels for here on in, but I know you'd never do that. There are more worlds to be conquered, and here you've demonstrated that nothing is beyond your amazing capacities...

"My attached contribution was suggested by that marvelous pose of Barbara Steele from BLACK SUNDAY. One of the first movies I ran for girlfriend Ann after we got together five years ago was [Roger Corman's] PIT AND THE PENDULUM, for it seemed to me then that she somewhat resembled Barbara Steele. Our dog Odie is perhaps an uncertain substitute for the hound of Hades that enhanced Bava's masterpiece, but he was at least willing to stand still long enough to be photographed, and that in itself is a minor miracle.

"Heartiest congratulations, my friend. You have written the greatest of all film books."



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