Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bava Book - Final Publication Schedule

We haven't posted any updates about the book since we unveiled the low-res proofs here, because we've both been under mountains of work; it doesn't mean that nothing's been happening. To bring you up to date: After receiving our high-res proofs (pictures soon), we went through the book again page by page and made our final editorial corrections. We sent the corrected proofs back to Hong Kong on April 27 and, just yesterday, we received the following schedule from our printer:

Revised proofs & ozalids ex Hong Kong - May 08, 2007
Approved ozalids with us in Hong Kong - May 16, 2007
Bulk ready date - June 27, 2007
ETD Hong Kong - July 02, 2007
ETA Cincinnati port - July 30, 2007

* The above ETA date is subject to possible delays due to cargo jam at the port / rail road or hold-up by the US customs.

It still remains for us to receive and approve the corrected ozalids based on our final corrections, which explains those first two dates, denoting the time they will be sent to us and the time by which they expect return. The third date is when the printing job is expected to be finished, and the last two dates cover the books' shipment from Hong Kong and projected arrival here in Cincinnati.

We've been very attentive to curious coincidences as they have occurred throughout the book's production, and there have been many. But with this itinerary comes the ultimate coincidence: the Bava book is scheduled to arrive on our doorstep on July 30 -- Mario Bava's birthday.


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