Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fangoria.com on the Bava Box

Jennifer Morrow has reviewed THE MARIO BAVA COLLECTION, VOL. 1 at Fangoria.com:

Jennifer's enthusiastic review contains mention of a detail that made me smack my forehead in despair. Evidently my BLACK SUNDAY commentary from 2000 still contains my original closing line, hoping that my listeners will join me for KILL, BABY... KILL! Evidently Jennifer did as I suggested, or tried to, on reflex, only to discover that my commentary wasn't part of the Anchor Bay KBK disc after all. It's an unfortunate thing, something that should have been snipped off the end of the track, especially since the two films were being packaged here together.

For the record -- and for anyone who may be wondering why I provided commentary for two other films in this set but opted to provide my KBK commentary for another company -- I would have been happy to license my track to Anchor Bay and have this set be more complete. At the time Dark Sky Films approached me with their offer to provide a commentary, I was aware that ABE had licensed other Bava titles from Alfredo Leone and people at the company were hopeful of doing a Bava set, but it was all very nebulous. No one at Anchor Bay (then in the process of being acquired by Starz) could guarantee at the time that their Bava plans would be moving ahead, or even whether KBK would be among the titles on their schedule. I informed my contacts at Anchor Bay about the offer I'd received from Dark Sky, to make sure that accepting it wouldn't affect my involvement with the other titles in their set, when and if it happened, and I was assured there would be no problem. And there isn't... except I still don't know whether the Dark Sky KBK is ever coming out, or if my commentary (already seven years old) is ever going to be heard.

I hope so. The still-suppressed Dark Sky disc ( a single advance copy of which recently sold on eBay for something like $240) is an outstanding production and it has different things to offer than the Anchor Bay version has; I think the audience for these films is such that the market could actually support both versions. But, of course, I don't own the rights to the picture, so my feelings about it are bound to be somewhat more liberal.


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