Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Final Corrections, Color Profile

I was able to check the corrections made in the first half of the book today (over 500 pages) and should have no problem getting through the balance tomorrow. It sounds like a big job but it's manageable. Thanks to today's work, Bava's films will "exist," rather than "exost," in different versions. Finding little typos like this -- or better still, missing commas -- actually bring me great joy. You've heard about looking for needles in haystacks? Well, in a book this size, typos are like microbes in a haystack.

In other book news, Donna received the new color profile from our Hong Kong printer today, so that's a relief. By the time we finish production on the current VW later this week, we should have received a revised length book dummy for our perusal, which will help us to make final decisions on important matters like paper weight, and then Donna has to send the printer sample pages and approve the proofs they send back. Once the work meets with our approval, we write the check and click Send.


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