Friday, August 11, 2006

Common Sense Has Prevailed

In Tuesday's posting, I announced a page count of 1,164 pages. We arrived at this figure on the basis of giving each of Bava's storyboards an entire page to itself -- but common sense has prevailed. We've realized that, given the oversized dimension of the book's pages, this kind of presentation would be a bit much. There's no reason the storyboards need to be reproduced at actual size. Even with six storyboards to a page, they look perfectly legible, so that's the arrangement Donna has settled on.

The Storyboards appendix will not only contain the previously announced storyboards that Bava drew for his unfilmed project BABY KONG, but also scenes from LA VENERE D'ILE and Bava's complete storyboards for his "Polyphemus" episode of ODISSEA/THE ADVENTURES OF ULYSSES. Elsewhere in the book appears a storyboard for the Red Sea sequence in MOSES THE LAWGIVER. None of these have ever been previously published.

Consequently, we are now reporting a revised page count of 1,128 pages -- which we expect to be final.


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