Sunday, February 01, 2009

Best Two Christmas Presents Ever!

Jason Pichonsky writes: "At the initial release of MARIO BAVA ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK, you were soliciting photos of readers with the 'Black Bible of Bava.' I'm not sure if you still are, but, a year later, I just wanted to add my photo to the mix.

"While I received your book later, the much-coveted biography was a Christmas gift from my wife. I had first heard of ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK in early 2000 -- the same time I discovered Mario Bava's films. I had picked up a rental of BLACK SUNDAY and immediately fell in love with the Maestro. Tim's commentary revealed my connection to Bava's work. Being both a cinematographer and director, something I have shared with Mario (though on a minor scale), created an instant bond to his work. Since then, I have managed to track down a majority of his films and eagerly awaited the release Mr. Lucas's biography. I can only say that it is not just the best biography of a genre director, it may also be the finest chronicle of a filmmaker to have ever been published.

"A year later, my son Jameson was born on Christmas Day, knocking ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK to Number Two on my list of best Christmas presents ever. With the biography being slightly heavier than my son, it makes for awkward bedtime reading.

"I just wanted to thank Tim for all the years of perseverance it took to assemble ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK and to thank you both for making 2008 a year to remember."

Jason Pichonsky

Tim replies: Thank you for the heartwarming photo and your kind and generous words, Jason. Certainly, we are still interested in receiving pictures of proud and satisfied fans with their Bava books. I didn't do any promotional traveling for the book -- it's hard enough to travel with the book! -- and this way, we can get some idea of personal impact it's had.

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