Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Proud Customers!

A fellow who goes by the singular name of Brett (who also moderates the RUE MORGUE message boards under the moniker "KISS Fan") was one of numerous friendly folks who visited with Donna and me at Lamberto Bava's table at Cinema Wasteland a couple of weekends ago. On the RUE MORGUE boards, and also on his MySpace page, Brett has posted a lot of great pictures commemorating his numerous meetings and trophies from the convention -- including this enviable multi-signed title page from his copy of MARIO BAVA ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK! Here you see my signature along with those of Lamberto Bava, John Saxon and Brett Halsey, which raises the question... "Is there anyone out there who's managed to collect even more signatures of Bava alumni in their copy?"

If so, let us see them!

The next couple of photos accompanied a recent e-mail arrival:

"This is Paul Styles from England! I finally got around to sending you my pictures of me with the Bava Book, and also a shot of how it looks next to my WATCHDOG collection -- of which I'm very proud! As always, good luck for the future and I look forward to reading your VIDEODROME book!"

Donna and I are very proud to have our works occupy such a conspicuous shelf in your library, Paul. Many thanks for the privileged peek into your private domain! And, as much as I like our VW binders, I must say the numbered spines of all those back issues project a very neat appearance!


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