Sunday, February 15, 2015


Sorry, but - as of early this morning - our supply of MARIO BAVA ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK is now completely SOLD OUT.

On this sentimental occasion, we would like to thank, once again, our original Patrons for their early support which enabled us to undertake the heavy cost of publishing such a mammoth work ourselves in the pre-Kickstarter year of 2007 - and everyone who has bought, enjoyed and endorsed the book over the years, or sent us photos or postcards commemorating their acquisition. In the 25+ year history of VIDEO WATCHDOG, the Bava book was our greatest success.

In answer to a common question, we have no plan to reprint the book - something that would be cost-prohibitive to us now. It is possible that a revised text edition will appear someday, either from us or perhaps another publisher, but it will not be the same artifact. Some text would have to be added, some text would be removed, but the wonder of the book's original layout would likely not be undertaken again. That original, panoramic experience is now obtainable only via our fully-augmented Digital Edition, available for $29.99 from our website, and viewable on all devices.

This blog will continue as a place for us to share important news relevant to Mario Bava, his films and his memory.

Speaking of which...

Available now from Odeon Entertainment in the UK, a new Blu-ray remaster of THE WHIP AND THE BODY features a newly revised, re-recorded audio commentary by Tim Lucas.

Another newly revised, re-recorded Lucas commentary will be included with Arrow Films & Video's forthcoming Blu-ray of the recent 2K restoration of BLOOD AND BLACK LACE, which will be released in both the UK and the United States this coming April. The restoration is eye-boggling; you won't want to miss it.

Furthermore, the audio commentary for Kino Lorber's forthcoming issue of both THE GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH and its American variant EVIL EYE will feature a newly-recorded plug-in updating the information on the track.


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