Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bava Book at Wonderfest

Donna and I recently returned from Wonderfest in Louisville, Kentucky -- which has become such a favorite getaway for us and a close group of friends that we've taken to reuniting twice more each year just to share good company, food and laughter. It's taken me awhile to post these images, which actually date back to last year. This first picture shows Randy Fox of Nashville, Tennessee, whose world was clearly rocked by his first gander at the Bava book -- at the first Wonderfest Reunion last November. Thanks to Jeffrey Nelson for taking the photo.

"Hey! My copy wasn't signed by Donna!" complained Old Dark Club House host (and past VW contributor) Gary L. Prange. The book's designer promptly stepped forward with a silver signing pen to grant Gary's wish.

And here are Donna and me posing with Wonderfest's wonderful talent coordinator "Admiral" Donnie Waddell of Louisville, KY, who received a copy of the Bava book as a gift from friend Joe Busam. A nice friend to have, that Joe!



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