Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Reader Photos!

Just when we were afeared that the Bava book photos had stopped, as our customers all over the world put down their cameras to read it, here's a new picture in our mailbox. This is longtime VW reader and Bava book supporter Dr. Gregor Schneider, proudly pointing to his name in the List of Patrons!

"I'm so proud to be inside the book as a patron, right next to all the other fellows who know what's an appreciable achievement worth investing and waiting for," he writes. "The only comparable book I have in the shelf is Alexander von Humboldt's collected research... comparable in size as well as lifespanning!" Thank you, Gregor!

Here are two adorable shots of one of the Bava book's most unusual readers: Monkey, the mascot of the award-winning Canadian quilter Linda Franz, another of the Bava book's listed Patrons. In an uncanny coincidence, Linda is the only other publisher we know who published an 1128-page book this year, but hers was sensibly published on CD-ROM as an enclosure in her new book INKLINGO SHAPE COLLECTION #3. (Congratulations, Linda!) Naturally, Linda has to quilt sometime, so she occasionally puts down her Bava book. This gives Monkey an opportunity to dip into it. . .

. . . literally.


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