Sunday, October 21, 2007

Le plus beau livre de cinéma du monde

Samuel Bréan has written to tell us that MARIO BAVA ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK has been highly praised in the pages of one of the leading French newspapers by one of France's most popular film experts and media personalities.

Samuel writes: "In this weekend's LIBÉRATION [the French daily newspaper founded by Jean-Paul Sartre in 1973], there's an article on cinéphile extraordinaire (as you'd say in English) Jean-Pierre Dionnet, who is auctioning his huge collection of cinema posters, books, fanzines... Says he: 'Maintenant que la Cinémathèque organise une rétrospective Terence Fisher et que le plus beau livre de cinéma du monde est consacré à l’œuvre de Mario Bava, je me dis que ma révolution est désormais accomplie.'"

In other words, when asked to explain why he has decided to part with his prized accumulations of a lifetime, M. Dionnet replied: "Now that there's a Terence Fisher retrospective at the Cinémathèque [Française] and the most beautiful cinema book in the world is devoted to the works of Mario Bava, I tell myself that my revolution is now complete."

If you are interested in bidding on items from M. Dionnet's collection, which includes print items in all languages, or if your only desire is to browse one of the great collections of fantastic cinema material on the planet, follow this link to the online catalogue.

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