Friday, September 14, 2007

Three More Happy Recipients

My former CINEFANTASTIQUE colleague (now FILMFAX reviewer) David J. Hogan -- whose name we also venerate around here as the author of DARK ROMANCE: SEXUALITY IN THE HORROR FILM -- hoists his copy of MARIO BAVA ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK in the well-stocked personal library where it will soon be shelved. (I did ask, and DJH confirms that the framed art behind him is indeed an original Carmine Infantino title page, inked by Joe Giella, that originally appeared in a 1963 issue of THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD!)

Thanks to David's daughter Rachel for snapping this photo. "She thinks I'm silly," David writes, "but she'll change her tune when I show her BLACK SUNDAY!"

A sweet Dylanesque flash card held by John Linton of Rockville, Maryland, who poses proudly with his cherished copies of the Bava book AND the Franco book.
John writes: "You asked us to mention any special circumstances, birthdays, etc, surrounding the arrival of the book. I'm not Jewish, but my Christian fellowship celebrates the Biblical festivals rather than Christmas, etc. We especially celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, as the Christmas season, and we give gifts. Guess what season it is now? Yesterday evening began Rosh Hashanah, the start of the season we know as the Feast of Tabernacles, during which time we believe that Christ was born. What's funny is, I thought it was next week. I had to work late last night, and when I picked my son up at my church, that's when I found out it was Rosh Hashanah. And when I got home, there was my wonderful Tabernacles present! Absolutely impeccable, scriptural timing! Thank You Lord! And thank you Tim and Donna!"
Funny thing is, last night Donna and I received a phone call from THE WHIP AND THE BODY star Daliah Lavi -- who, of course, was born in Israel -- and she commented on the same happy timing! (And strangely enough, if you do a web search for Bava, you're going to find two things: references to the filmmaker and references to ancient Talmudic texts!)

And lastly, for today, here is Richard Hardbattle in sunny Caerphilly in South Wales, posing with his copy in front of what could almost pass for a Mario Bava glass matte illusion... but it's the real thing! That's Caerphilly Castle in the background. What grand adventures Daliah Lavi's Nevenka might have had there!


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