Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Satisfied Bava Book Customers

Comics artist Neil Vokes -- the Rondo-award-winning illustrator of THE BLACK FOREST and THE BLACK FOREST 2: CASTLE OF SHADOWS, as well as a proud contributor to the new Terence Fisher issue of Richard Klemensen's wonderful LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS -- sent us this impressive shot. It illustrates how MARIO BAVA ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK has brought some much-needed color into his black-and-white world.

Here's Jason Meredith of Sweden juggling infant Gusten (he's got his dad's eyes!) and the Bava book both at once! It can be done, with a little help on the side from son Viggo.

"Wow," writes Eric Eyster. "I leave the room for 5 minutes and my 15yr old (all black) chihuahua (aptly named Tura -- go-go Satana!) flips to her favorite chapter (I Tre Volti Della Paura) and gets her Bava on!"

And finally, let's swing over to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where Dave Johnston points merrily to his name -- added in the author's own hand to the List of Patrons by special arrangement.

For those interested in seeing still more examples, pop on over to Douglas Waltz's blog Forty Five, where Day 80 is devoted to the arrival of the Bava book. Doug photographs each of his four kids posing with the book, little Dan even balancing it on his head (!), and they are quite the delightful brood.
Never fear. More still to come. Maybe yours!
Donna and I can't remember any other book ever being greeted online in quite this way, and we're deeply touched by every picture we've received. It's amazing for us to see this evidence of our long-gestating twelve-pounder as it makes its way around the world, to towns and countries we've never seen and may never see. It seems to me there's a fabulous human interest news story in all this -- "32 Year Book Project Prompts Photo Phrenzy" -- but for the life of me, I don't know where to pitch it.


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