Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Book Patrons Chime In!

VW department head illustrator Liz Bradford -- who, with her husband Mike is included among the proud number known as the Bava Book's List of Patrons -- wraps her arms gleefully around her new arrival!

Matt Crossman -- another satisfied Bava Book Patron -- poses with his copy in front of an attractively shelved set of VW back issues in our exclusive black-and-silver binders!

For another couple of heartwarming pics, check out Chris Stangl's blog The Exploding Kinematograph here! He wrote a terrific piece yesterday about getting the book in the mail and how to go about reading it. I love the shot of him staring slackjawed at the shot of Mary Arden that opens the chapter on BLOOD AND BLACK LACE; it's one of my favorite introductory spreads in the book too.

Great pictures, everybody! Keep 'em coming.


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