Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bava Book Display and Shipping Ideas

Quite a few of you have written here and elsewhere, pondering the question of how best to shelve or display your copy of MARIO BAVA ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK. This is how Robert Edwards of Falls Church, Virginia, is displaying his volume. Talk about pride of place! Thank you, Robert!

And here is the shelf where John McMasters of Brooklyn, New York is keeping his copy of the Bava book. It's a personal treat for me to see all the bookshelves in the backgrounds of the shots we've posted here -- every single one reflects good taste -- but, for me anyway, this photo embodies not only what it documents but also a most wondrous compliment. I must say, of all the bookshelves I've seen in the incoming photos, I'm most envious of this little shelf of John's. First edition hardcovers of GRAVITY'S RAINBOW and JR? Get out of here! Not to mention... well, just click on the photo and read the enlarged book spines yourself. It's wonderful company in which to find one's work included.
And finally for today... So far, everyone seems in strong support of the extraordinary protective measures that Donna and her team have applied to the mailing. But, in consideration of the book's weight, VW's own Audio Watchdog Doug Winter has suggested we might want to consider an alternative method of mailing...


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