Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Bava Book Comes to Cincinnati

The Bava books are arriving here at VW Headquarters tomorrow -- Friday, August 24!

We previously mentioned August 21st as the arrival date; this was the estimated time of arrival (barring any Customs exceptions) given us in writing by our printer. We tracked the shipment as it crossed the Atlantic by ship, then through this country by rail from the day it arrived on the west coast. (See the above tracking schedule -- you can click on it to make it more readable.) It was a worry for us every moment of the way because, after being told it would arrive early (August 11), we we were told on August 9 that the shipment had been flagged by US Customs for an "intensive" examination once it reached Cincinnati.

The railcar containing the books arrived in Cincinnati on August 15, and we've been in suspense ever since, waiting for the rail carrier to release the order to a secondary company we've hired to take the shipment to the local US Customs office. This happened on August 21.

Shortly after noon yesterday, Donna received notice that the shipment had been cleared by Customs and would be available for pickup today. We received word around 1:30 that a truck was on its way to take the container from Customs to our warehouse. Part of the order gets stored there and the other part will be loaded onto a smaller truck and delivered to our door tomorrow.

Since we had never gone through a Cargo Customs procedure like this before, we were frightened -- but, fortunately, the shipment was passed through pretty quickly. We've been told that it was a random spot check.

So the Bava books arrive here tomorrow and shipping will go on daily for a couple of weeks. All of the books need to be signed and carefully packaged, and this takes time. This is the stage where any haste or carelessness on our part could only hurt the product you receive, so please respect the extra measures we're taking to present you with a quality product in the condition you expect.

Thank you for your patience.


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