Friday, June 29, 2007

It Exists!

What Donna and I are holding in this picture is not a blank book with the Bava dust jacket on it. It is an actual copy of the Bava book -- one of only two finished copies currently extant.

Forgive the less-than-ideal quality of the image -- it's a frame grab from an 8mm video recording we made in our dim living room early this afternoon as we cut into the box from Hong Kong and feasted our eyes and hands on the finished book for the first time. So that you can all share this moment with us, we made an 11m recording of the "grand opening" and our first impressions... and here it is:

So how do we feel about the book, now that it's a reality?

Well, we absolutely love it. I've never seen a more beautiful book of any kind. After we stopped our recording, we spent the next 3½ hours slowly perusing and admiring our copies. It's actually much easier to hold and rest on one's lap for long periods of reading/perusing time than I had expected, which is a happy discovery. But frankly, from our perspective, there remains something unreal about it all... something that doesn't become completely real for us until we can see and enjoy someone else's response to it. And that's why we can't wait for YOU to have the pleasure that we had today.


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