Friday, May 05, 2006

A New Phase

The main text is now thoroughly updated and indexed -- a major, major step forward. Today we are embarking on the layout for the front and back matter. Front matter: title page, indicia page, dedication page, Foreword by Freda, Introduction by Scorsese, Preface by Yours Truly, and "Notes on the Text." Back matter: Eugenio and Mario Bava filmographies, Mario Bava videography and discography, Acknowledgements, List of Patrons, Index, and author bio.

I've reserved some special illustrations to accompany the Preface, but most of this material doesn't require any graphic support. The time consuming aspect of this phase will be indexing the Preface and digital restoration of these last-minute image drop-ins, which is exactly why I'd like to keep them to a minimum.

After being bogged down in the main text for so long, it's relieving and exciting to advance into a new phase, one that will constitute a giant step toward the completion of the project.


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