Saturday, February 25, 2006

La ragazza che ha lavorato troppo sul libro di Bava

... which means, in English, "The girl who worked on the Bava book too much."

And that would be Donna. She is doing such amazing work on this book, you have no idea. Aside from things you will notice, like the grandeur of the layout and the sheer beauty of the presentation, she has spent entire weeks, if not months, absorbed in work you'll never see -- like reconstructing damaged files, or checking that all the Italian film titles and terms and names are spelled consistently throughout the book, for which task she's had to run searches through more than twenty different documents on her computer screen -- "five screens at a time," she reminds me, "which is even more tedious" -- in a language that's not familiar to her. The book has bombed out more times than we'd like to remember over the years, which causes her to skip a meal or postpone one till after 4:00 a.m. sometimes. She just stays at her computer until everything has been recovered and put back together again. She's putting in longer days on this book than I did, for the most part, and this topic was never her obsession, which makes her stamina all the more remarkable and her efforts all the more heroic.

I'm very, very proud of her.


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