Thursday, January 05, 2006

Will the Binding Be Durable?

Q: Tell us more about what you're looking for [in terms of] binding. On a book this massive, it really needs to be ultra-sturdy, since I'd really hate for it to fall apart after a first reading... and I can't imagine you'd like that much either. -- Mark Zimmer

A: Durability is our greatest concern, so our minds are made up about wanting a reinforced, sewn binding. When prospective printers send us these dummy books for consideration, the first thing we do is remove their dust jackets, hold them by the front board -- letting the full weight of the book dangle freely -- and give them a number of good, rough shakes. We know that our customers will handle their book with more care than that, especially considering what they're paying for it, but we're concerned that the book should be able to stand up to frequent handling and even a degree of mishandling.


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