Thursday, January 05, 2006

How About an Online Index?

Q: Have you ever thought to leave the index or at least the bibliography out of the book - which will lessen the weight - and make then nicely designed downloadable PDFs instead. Everyone who buys the book would be given the URL for accessing these features...and any other updates to the book could be made here too to make the book a living document...never out of date.

Or just make the index/bibliography available on the web so people who want to look up something can just go to the internet...which they do anyway. -- Steven Tate

A: The idea of publishing the index online, separately, did occur to us but we dismissed the idea. First of all, not everyone who pre-ordered the book is online and the last thing we need is to incur the additional expense of mailing additional print-outs to everyone who ordered the book through the mail. Also, the book will be unwieldy enough without people having to lug it to their computers, log on, and type out a URL every time they're unsure about which page a certain topic is on. I think that would get "old" fairly quickly.

Your suggestion that we adapt the index online to files that can be periodically updated/expanded/corrected is a good one and a strong possibility.


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