Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dionnet on the Bava Book

A surprising turn of events has been shared with us by the Blog du Studio Gühmes: the French critic and media personality Jean-Pierre Dionnet, whom we mentioned here a few days ago, recently made a promotional video posted at in which he discusses various items being sold in the ongoing auction of his personal collection... and he used part of his camera time to promote MARIO BAVA ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK! (We were wondering what had sparked that sudden rash of French orders!)

Anyway, this blog page includes two extracts from Dionnet's interview -- in the first, he can be seen resting his hand on the Bava Book, and, in the second, he speaks with great enthusiasm about it, picks it up, and offers a peek inside to his audience.

Incroyable... mais vrai!

It makes for very entertaining viewing, even if you don't understand French. And, if you do... please write us and tell us what he said!

Merci beaucoup, Jean-Pierre.

POSTSCRIPT 10/27, 7:58pm: Due to popular demand, the Blog du Studio Gühmes has added English subtitles to Jean-Pierre Dionnet's video comments about the Bava book -- so if you visited before and couldn't understand him, visit again. It's worth the click!

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